UCG(United Communications Group Gakuin managed under president Katsu Elhanafy, having given satisfactory language service results for 15 years in Japan) gives room-finding support to foreigners and foreign students in Japan  under the name of UCG Room Service.

 Foreigners who want to work or study in Japan have big difficulty in renting rooms for want of a guarantor and find it difficult to talk about the rent conditions only because they cannot speak Japanese. You may have heard such difficulties or troubles. UCG Room Service offers rooms which we rent from the room owners or from banks to these foreigners.

 Some of the language students of UCG are room-owners and we heard the problems and troubles they had in offering their rooms to foreigners. We mediated between them and the foreigners. This is why we came to start our new net-room- service business.

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As stated before many of the foreign students are not used to the Japanese customs and are economically less generous and we began our room-introducing service with the deposit only, without the reward. Now we have about 110 rooms to offer.

 All the foreign students who rent the room through our room service have the formal visas and study earnestly in Japanese education system. They sometimes do not know what to do in Japan, the foreign country, but we communicate with them as frequently as possible and intermediate between the room owners and them. We really hope that we will strengthen our room service business and be helpful to foreign students.

A year has passed since I met UCG Gakuin. To tell the truth I first felt uneasy about offering my room to foreigners, but now I am very happy to have met Gakuin.

 When I first heard about this system, I thought it was what I had wanted to use before. But as an owner I found many problems in offering rooms to foreigners. It is not easy for me alone to contact with them, much less talk with them in their languages. Now I offer half rooms of mine to Gakuin.

 Most of the rooms I own are one-room type. As the time passed, Japanese people came to think them unattractive. Suddenly 6 rooms became vacant and were left for 4 months. I have been interested in foreign countries and have wanted to support foreign people in some ways, but I was worried about the language problems and cultural differences. Now thanks to the contract with UCG Gakuin no room is left vacant for 6 months. (2007)
Engaging in the real estate business, I happened to know Mr. Elhanafy and was introduced the room service business. I first said No to him, because if the business is systematically stable, it seemed difficult to find owners for the foreign renters. But for trial I offered a room and for 6 months  since then the renter continued to pay the rent and lived decently. Thanks to Gakuin 8 rooms are rented now. I hope to be getting along well with Gakuin. (2006)

I live in Asakadai. Before I came here, I lived in the school dormitory (a double room as a rule). It was too noisy to sleep in at night and the facilities were to be used in common, which was very inconvenient for me. Here everything seems to be mine, which makes me very happy. I came to Japan to study for the university examination and here I can concentrate my efforts on it. When I become better in Japanese, I am going to get a part-time job to earn my school expense for myself. The life here is very attractive. I can enjoy myself and save up at the same time. (2006)


Hello! When I made a contract with the owner of this room, there was no need to prepare a guarantor, nor the deposit, nor the reward, which cost me less than I had expected. I enjoy the smaller rent, using the whole room for myself and decorating the room as I like. I was worried about the facilities, but all the convenient household necessities, the television, the washing machine, the refrigerator and the air conditioner, were already furnished. I would like to live here as long as I can. (2006)

I live in Asakadai. My room has a wide window, which gives me plenty of warm sunshine. I can prepare my breakfast in it.  The room is comparatively bigger and I can enjoy the comfortable life. It is quiet around here, so I spend my time relaxed. My owner is funny and the people around here are very kind to me. The streets are clean and the air is fresh. I am happy to learn various things here. (2006)


I live in Asaka.
 Though Asaka is a little far from the central Tokyo, it is quiet and safe and the necessary facilities are enough. There is no need of the deposit nor the reward, which is ideal for the foreign student staying temporarily. The household electric appliances are available for rental. When my friends come to Japan from abroad and are worried about the high rent in Tokyo, I would like to introduce UCG room service to them. (2007)



UCG Gakuin has the rooms to rent at the red dots in the map.

1. Tokyo area 1 - the nearest stations , Nakano, Myogadani, Waseda, Asakusa

2. Tokyo area 2 - the nearest stations : Kamiitabashi, Tobunerima, Heiwadai, Kotake mukaihara, Oji

3. Asaka & Asakadai areas in Saitama prefecture

4. Others (Kanagawa & Chiba prefectures) - the nearest stations : Mukogaokayuen, Gyotoku

1. Tokyo area 1

Okubo Wased
Nakano Shin-nakano
Myougadani Asakusa

2.Tokyo area 2

Kami-itabashi1 Kami-itabashi2
Toubunerima Kotakemukaihara
Heiwadai Ouji

3. Asaka & Asakadai areas

Century-House Asakadai-Ritsu
Garden-House-Asaka Garden-House-Mizonuma
Asaka-House Negishidai-Garden-Hose

4. Others (Kanagawa & Chiba prefectures)

Mukougaokayouen Gyoutoku