What is Net Room hospitality

Net Room Hospitality, run by UCG, offers room service, introducing rooms of the reasonable rent to people
from foreign countries for a short stay, especially foreign students. There are many foreigners who don’t know
what to do with the deposit, the fee, or the certifier found in the unique Japanese way of making contract to rent a room.
We, Net Room Hospitality, are trying our best to help every foreign student whose biggest
purpose is to study in Japan lead as comfortable a life as possible.

Room Information

location From Ikebukuro 20 min
type of the room one-room type (some with the loft)
equipment TV、air-conditioner、refrigerator、washing machine unit bath、kitchen、veranda、closet etc.
(rental available, 50,000 yen a month)
access 13-min-walk from the nearest station
20-min-ride from Ikebukuro (Tobu-tojo line)
rent no deposit、no fee, no certifier
50,000 ~ 80,000 yen a month



some rooms are with no loft


unit bath

Net Room's Life

All rooms are air-conditioned. Some rooms have a loft or a living room.
Electric machines like TV, a washing machine, a refrigerator, and a gas oven and household articles like a wardrobe,
a table, a chair, futon-mattress are available for rental at 5,000 yen a month.
The toilet room, the bathroom and the kitchen are all for the private use. You can enjoy your privacy.

The Estimated Living Cost (1person / sharing a room with another person)

You only have to pay 30,000 yen contract fee and the first rent before you enter the room. So the early expense is low

1. Your employer will pay your traffic expenses.
(Only a part, sometimes)

2. You can make a living by your part-time job only.
(Estimated earning 120,000 yen a month)

3. You might save 40,000 yen a month by your part-time job.

(the rent : average 70,000 yen )

a sum
utility(electricity, gas, water supply)
handy phone (with student fare reduction)
living cost
estimated sum total

The price of the electric appliances and the rental value

electric appliances
price of the used appliances
air conditioner
washing machine
Net Room rental value
sum total

What the electric appliances are like


∴The electric appliances used for more than a year can be bought (the air conditioner not included). When out of order, repaired for pay.


School information

language schools, professional schools and universities close to Net Room

language schools close to Net Room

names of the schools station names time required
(from Ikebukuro)
pass(a month)
JET Academy itabasi 5min ¥3,780
Tokyo Language School, Ikebukuro School Ikebukuro 0 0
Tokyo Language School, Ikebukuro School Ikebukuro 0 0
Meros Language School Ikebukuro 0 0
Japan College of Foreign Languages mejiro 2min ¥3,780
Waseda Foreign Language College Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
International Study Institute Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
Sendagaya Japanese Institute Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
Japanese Language School affiliated with Tokyo International University Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
KCP International Language Institute Shinjuku 8min ¥4,730
Human Academy Japanese Language School Shinjuku 8min ¥4,730
MCA Japanese Language School Shin-okubo 6min ¥4,730
Akamonkai Japanese Language School Nippori 12min ¥5,040
Naganuma School Shibuya 15min ¥5,040

professional schools and universities close to Net Room

names of the schools station time required
(from Ikebukuro)
pass(a month)
Waseda University Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
Rikkyo University Ikebukuro 0 0
Hosei University IIdabashi 10min ¥6,650
Meiji University Ochanomizu 10min ¥6,990
Tokyo University Tohdaimae 10min ¥6,990
Keio University Akabanebashi 29min ¥12,690
Tokyo Business College Ochanomizu 10min ¥6,990
Tokyo Electronics College Ikebukuro 0 0
Tokyo Academy of Hairdressing & Beauty Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
Waseda Institute of Techonology Takadanobaba 4min ¥3,780
Japan Electronics College Shin-okubo 6min ¥4,730
Tokyo Mode Gakuen Shinjuku 8min ¥4,730
Tokyo Visual Arts Ichigaya 12min ¥6,820
Nippon Photography Institute Shibuya 15min ¥5,040

Net Room Compared with Other One-room& Employee Apartments

Net Room
Other One-room & Employee Apartments
1. No deposit, no fees, nor certifier, only contract fee required Small early expenses
1. Deposit, fees, & certifier required Sometimes big early expenses of triple or quadruple rent in the name of equipment fee, deposit & cleaning fee required
2. Toilet, bathroom & kitchen all for private use Facilities clean & environment comfortable
. The actual room is sometimes different from what the picture shows.
Toilet, bathroom & kitchen for common use, especially in employee apartment
3. Reasonable rent
3. Where the rent is \60,000 ~ 70,000, usually the deposit and the fee are required
4. No contract-renewing fee nor a lump sum payment
4. Sometimes 25% ~ 50% of the rent is required as a contract-renewing fee.
Sometimes a lump sum advance payment of 3-month-rent is required

Comment from the users

I live in Asakadai.I was sharing a dorm room with a friend of mine before I came here. But there was too much noise to sleep at night and I had to share every equipment there. I moved here to find the space of my own and liked it the best. I came to Japan for the purpose of studying and now I can concentrate on it. When I master Japanese, I will take a part -time job and save my school expenses. I can enjoy the free life and also can save money here.

Hello! I didn’t have to worry about my early expenses, because there was no certifier, no fees and no deposit to make a contract to rent this room. The rent is low, but the room is big enough for a person to live in. I can use my space as comfortably as I like. I was much worried about moving, but I found the room well-furnished and I enjoy a very convenient life here. I’d like to live here as long as I can.

I am Be in Asakadai. My Room has a wide window and I can make my breakfast with the warm sunshine. My room is wider and I can enjoy the space in my own way. This district is so quiet that I can relax myself. My owner is funny and kind. The town is neat and I can enjoy the clean air and the comfortable life here. I am learning much here.

Net Room www.e-netroom.com
TEL. 03-3369-4478 / FAX. 03-3369-4476
H.P. 080-6801-9722 (13:00-21:00)